Understand The Human Nervous System

The reason for the human being success and development is the control. The control handles the nervous system in humans. Running, creative works, eating and having and remember something for a long time all done by the nervous system. Neurons are found in the nervous system. The nervous system is also associated with sensory organs in the brain, which can be detected changes and sense. In humans, the nervous system can be described in 3 parts.

1. Central nervous system

It controls and regulates all functions of multicellular organisms. The central nervous system is composed of the brain and spinal cord. The human brain is the whole body of the CPU. Which is safe in the head by the skull. Because of the useful work, fertilization consumes both energy and oxygen. The spinal cord is formed between intercrops and nerves. 

Some points about Brain 

  1. The most developed part of the human brain is cerebrum. 
  2. The brain midsection is composed by optic lobe, cerebral peduncle. 
  3.  There are many specialties of the human brain. 
  4. Coma, epilepsy, and encephalitis are major diseases caused by problems in the central nervous system. 

spinal cord 

  1. The spinal cord controls the reflex actions. 
  2. Conducts the stimuli that come from the brain. 
  3. Control and coordinate involuntary actions. 

2. Peripheral nervous system

Many nerves are extracted from the central nervous system and the whole body is spread out. These are called nerve nerves from the cranial nerves and the spinal cord, which is called spinal nerves. There are 12 pairs of cranial nerves in the human body.

Some works of Cranial Nerves 

  1. Eye movement 
  2. Smail 
  3. Facial Expression 
  4. Vision 
  5. Tongue movement

3. Autonomic nervous system

The main nervous system is a part of that which basically acts as a control mechanism under the level of consciousness.They do their own work automatically when Brain or spinal cord can’t control. The autonomic nervous system is divided into two parts. 

  1. Blood pressure increases. 
  2. It hurts the heart’s beat. 
  3. The bronchial breathing becomes faster even with the heart’s beat. 
  4. Controls the secretion of salivary glands 
  5. Increasing the number of red blood cells helps in injury.


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