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welcome to our new category! here we upload the bunch of posts which are partially connected to each other or further information about the related topics. we will try to publish content one or more, every week. This is an introduction post to “Teach your Brain”.

The brain contains physically 2% weight of human body. The brain is a most complex structure of our body which contains neurons, glial cells, blood vessels. neuron and brain work together. neurons are the major component of our brain. which are electrically charged and transmits data through an electric and chemical process. brain waves are produced as a result of the various process. here is the basic introduction to the brain.

1. Frontal lobe 

it is the front part of the brain. The frontal lobe contains most of the dopamine-sensitive neurons. check the table below for major functions.

2. Parietal lobe 

The parietal lobe is positioned above the occipital lobe, upper middle part of the brain behind frontal lobe. check the table for major functions

3. Temporal lobe 

The lower middle part of the brain behind frontal lobe. it involved in the sensory process and also play a role in the formation of long-term memory.

4. Occipital lobe 

The rear part of the brain. creating a brain map is part of the occipital lobe, face recognition. check the major functions below in the table.

5. Neuron cells

The neuron cells hold voltage-gated ions. with some chemical process membrane transport proteins that transfer ions to determined membranes. During potential action process neuron transfer signal to the neighbor and that push to other neurons that happen in a line. 




Part of the brain

 1. Visual Temporal lobe
2.  SpeechTemporal lobe
 3. Language Parietal lobe 
 4. Thoughts  Cerebrum
 5. Preception Cerebrum
 6. Experience  Cerebrum
 7. Reading Parietal lobe 
 8. Problem Solution Frontal lobe
 9. Creative thinking Frontal lobe 
10. Movements controlMotor cortex
11. EmotionsLimbic system
12. judgement Frontal lobe 
13. behaviourTemporal lobe
14. HeartbeatBrain stem
15. BreathingBrain stem


So this is the very basic introduction to brain’s activity. below you can check the next upcoming topics in this series. 

upcoming on “Teach Your Brain”-

1. Teach your brain for thinking positive.

2. How to speed up your mind?

3. Increasing efficiency of the brain.

4. Sense and brain

5. Boosting brain by this yoga and exercises.

6. Train your brain to stay calm and increase concentration.

7. The specialty of famous people’s brain.

8. Neurons and Brain

9. The complexity of Brain, how it’s work?

10. Books suggestion for how to train your brain.

11. Train your brain 

12. Daily routine’s  effect on Brain.

13. Learning stages of the brain|Brain Algorithms.

14. Brain activity (meditation)




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