Comets : what they are? | 10 Facts about Comets

we have seen the stars falling often in movies. Technically, they are a comet. Comets are a small particle found in the constellation that revolves around the Sun. They are classified on the basis of length of their orbital periods. when a small comet follows ecliptic path sometimes they go out of the solar system. here are few facts about comet-

1. Brightness

Comets move in the opposite direction of the sun. When the comet passes near the sun, due to the temperature of the sun, the particles present in the comet spread to the opposite direction. From which it turns into two part, the front part known as the head, and back part known as the tail. When the sun’s light falls in it then it starts shining. Because of the light reflection, because of this brightness, we can see it from the earth. 

2. Rotation

Because of the Sun’s gravity, they rotate around the Sun. Their rotation is mostly elliptical orbit. If the solar system is large enough, it may take huge time to complete one rotation.

3. Time interval

Due to take thousands of years to complete one revolution, Some comets appear once in thousands of years, and some can be seen at a small time interval. Comet Halley can be seen with the naked eye.

4. Path

Due to Jupiter’s size and mass being large, there is an impact on the comet. Thereby affecting the comet’s orbit. Sometimes it happens that due to path changing comet is recognized as missing comets.

5. Some Comet’s information-

    • Biela is currently considered to have been destroyed.
    • Comet West this is also known as Great Comet, is one of the brightest comets.  The next perihelion of These Comments This unknown. 

 6. Structure

The physical structure of the comet is made up of a nucleus, Coma, and tails. And their shape keeps changing. their tail’s length increases when they come closer to the sun. When the comet comes near to the sun, due to the effect of solar radiation evaporation of the navel gases begins. As the comet comes closer to the sun, the tail size increases.

7. The mass of comets is low, that’s why they can not turn into a complete sphere.

8. Theories

artistic representation

Some theories proposed the life comes from comets to meaning in the earth. Comets contain some essential organic compounds like methanol, hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde, ethanol, and ethane. in early days many comets and asteroids with Earth. Many scientists think comets brought the huge amount of water to Earth.

9. Exocomets

Comets on the outside of our solar system are also detectable. Such comments are called exocomets. On the sun’s place, they revolve around the stars of another solar system.

10. Collision

Comet’s collision with Earth is very rare case. The one of the most confrontational happened between comet and Earth 65 million years ago. however it is consider that collision of comets to earth in early stage were common phenomenon.   


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