Shape factor (Radiation), Heat and Mass transfer | Gate MCQs

  • 1. A solid sphere 1 of radius 'r' is placed inside a hollow, closed hemispherical surface 2 of radius '4r'. the shape factor F 21 is
  • 2. consider two infinitely long thin concentric tubes of circular cross section as shown in figure. if D1 and D2 are the diameters of the inner and outer tubes respectively, then the view factor F22 give by
  • 3. A solid cylinder (surface 2) is located at the center of a hollow sphere (surface 1). The diameter of the sphere is 1m, while the cylinder has a diameter and length of 0.5m each. the radiation configuration factor F11 is
  • 4. what is the value of the view factor for two inclined flat plates having common edge of equal length and with an angle of 20 degrees?
  • 5. For a circular tube of equal length and diameter, the view factor F13 is 0.17. the view factor F12 in this case will be

Basics Shape factor

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