Rocket Fuels & Cryogenic Engine

Rocket science is a very large and interesting area. In which we learn the rocket’s operating system uses of rocket engines to carry the Earth’s orbit area. Monopropellant and Dipropellant Chemicals are used in the rocket. Rocket engines are used either in missiles or in space missions. Solid fuels and liquid fuels are two types of rocket fuels. It is not possible to run any space vehicle without fuels. And that’s why we are going to talk about the fuels used in the rocket today. Before selecting any rocket fuel, many things like specific impulse, toxicity, burning rate, and, the thermochemical energy of the fuel are studied. 

Cryogenic Engine

Initially, such oxidizers and fuels were used, which weight was low to work. Low-temperature of the rocket fuel is essential for increasing the efficiencies of the rocket. Any large and long time rocket mission requires a high enthalpy and thrust rocket. Cryogenic fuels and cryogenic oxidizers are used in cryogenic engines. At present, liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogens are the most commonly used oxidizer and fuel. Cryogenic fuel is kept at low temperature.

Commonly Used Liquid Fuels

1. Liquid Hydrogen 
Liquid hydrogen is a rocket fuel, which is the liquid form of hydrogen. This is a type of cryogenic engine fuel. They require specific storage tanks to store. The mixture of liquid hydrogen and air forms an explosive. Due to cryogenic fuel, it is used in most of the rockets and interplanetary missions. They also help in the cooling of the nozzles. The boiling point of liquid hydrogen is 20.28 K. And the melting point is 14.01. 

2. Ethanol 
Ethanol is used as ethanol fuel rocket with oxidizers. Initially, the use of ethanol was done in the bi-propellant rocket. Its availability is easy. commonly it is used with oxidizers such as Liquid Oxygen, Hydrogen Peroxide, and RFNA. The specialization of this fuel is that – it is available in cheap cost, and toxicity level is also low. Direct-ethanol fuel cells also have many possible probabilities. It’s done functions in comparatively low combustion temperature. The specific gravity of ethanol is 0.79 and the bowling point is 351.39 K. 

3. Hydrazine

The mixture of hydrazine and air creates a mixture of explosives, the boiling point of the hydrazine is 387 K and the melting point is 275 K. It was initially used at the time of World War II, used in the rocket-powered fighter plane. Hydrazine is used as a low-power monopropellant for the maneuvering thrusters of Spacecraft. It can be used in a small rocket. The hydrazine is passed by catalyst like iridium. Its freezing point is 247 K. 



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