Reason Behind Obesity | Problems Of Over Nutrient

It is better to stay away from more or less of these two things. In these previous post, you saw that due to lack of vitamins the body could face many side effects. If you do not read it, click here. When a person consumes more nutritional substances, this condition is known as over nutrition and the disease caused by it is called Overnutrition Diseases. 


whether young or child obesity is a big problem for everyone. The condition of obesity is formed when the need of the body is less energy, or because of the adoption of excess nutrition, such as fat. it is also a problem because of taking more food and less workout. in this problem body changes rapidly. The main reasons and Symptoms for body’s obesity are: 

  1.  Lack use of energy of the body means lack of movement. 
  2.  The fat content increases.  
  3.  The body tired faster. 
  4.  Blood pressure and may be related to anxiety. 
  5.  cause of obesity to eating more food than required. 
  6.  cause of not eating fruit. 
  7.  eating more calories food product daily. 

obesity prevention

1. A healthy person who do lighter work needs around 2200 calories a day. 
2. Food should be consumed according to the daily work of the body. 
3. Only one type of nutrient should not be supplemented in the body (such as fat) 
4. A balanced diet is a remedy to avoid obesity. 
5. Colorful vegetables, fruits, the source of protein, whole grains should be consumed.


2. Hypervitaminosis

Vitamins abnormal accumulation in the body called Hypervitaminosis. Excess of different vitamins leads to different diseases. As the excess of vitamin D can lead to diseases such as hypercalcemia. Aggregation in the body of solute vitamins in fat is mainly due to hypervitaminosis. High vitamin A can be a problem of hypervitaminosis A or vitamin A toxicity. thus causes vision, bone pain, and skin changes were the major effects noted. 


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