Questions Based On Biot Number

Questions-Based On Fins

  • 1. Biot number signifies the ratio of
  • 2. A spherical steel ball of 12 mm diameter is initially at 1000 K. It is slowly cooled in a surrounding of 300 K. The heat transfer coefficient between the steel ball and the surroundings is 5W/m2K. The temperature difference between the center and the surface of the steel ball is
  • 3. A spherical thermocouple junction of diameter 0.706 mm is to be used for the measurement of temperature of a gas stream. The convective heat transfer coefficient on bead surface is 400 W/m2 K. Thermophysical properties of thermocouple material are k= 20 W/m-K, C= 400 J/kgK and ρ = 8500 kg/m3. if the thermocouple initially at 30 C is placed in a hot stream of 300 C, the time taken by the bead to reach 298 C, is
  • 4. The value of Biot number is very small ( less than 0.01), when
  • 5. Lumped heat transfer analysis of a solid object suddenly exposed to a fluid medium at a different temp is valid when


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