Possible Pathway Of Brain Computer Interface(BCI) In Next Few Years

Controlling computer by using brain waves. Simply awesome!! Shifting our memory in artificial chips, typing with a brain these are not hypothetical ideas. It could be possible with the help with Brain-computer interface. I was started thinking about brain-computer interface after the development of google glass. BCI technology has a huge field of research with applications. Everyone knows the brain is an important part of the body which control the internal and external activity of our body. Initially, researchers are only focused on biological application, over time now tech giants are seeing future on it.

Recently at Facebook 2017 annual developers conference, Facebook unveiled company’s next ongoing brain-computer interface project. Facebook wants to develop brain and computer interact methods like directly typing from the brain.   

                                                                                     A lot of control and BCI technology seems to out in few years. the mind is a private database no one wants to share private thoughts publically. I hope brain-computer interface cannot affect our thought process. Use of BCI for increasing memory and controlling power can give a next gen pathway to human’s life.

Last month Tesla CEO launched a new company name Neuralink. The aim of this company to develop a next generation bio-digitalized brain. Merging artificial intelligence with a brain is a good idea. The science of our brain is really cool, and now peoples are showing interest to upgrade human body part. Over time we explore many possibilities of the human brain. The start-ups on the brain-computer interfaces are proposing amazing concepts. the possible pathway of BCI in next few years

Control wirelessly

It could be a most ambitious field of BCI. Probably BCI is a powerful communicating method in few years. Imagine the world where we can control our cars, homes switch and many daily life activities without doing only by thinking. Brain control our other body parts, so BCI tech also helpful to improve eye tracking and gesture control methods.Nowadays telepathy is not a wide range method. BCI is also an alternative of telepathy, however, telepathy not use sensors. But sensor & chip is a key component in BCI.


BCI in Biotechnology is an important wide field for research. Many people are facing brain related problems. To cure of all brain diseases, it could be helpful.

  • Mentally addicted problems like smoking, alcohol off can be.
  • To recover from major brain disease like brain tumor and insomnia.

There are various EEG sensors & EEG devices available in the market. Basically these device work on the principle of brain waves. The simplest way to increase IQ and focus is increasing gamma waves and it could be achieved by meditation. For understanding types of brain waves click here.

how does brain produce brain waves?

the situation is even that researchers want to upload or exchange data of brain & computer. The brain is physically 2% weight of human body. The brain is a most complex structure of our body which contains neurons, glial cells and etc. Neurons are the sensors of our body which are electrically charged and transmits data through the electric and chemical process. During potential action process neuron transfer signal to the neighbor and that push to other neurons that happen continuously as a result as brain waves produce.

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Games & entertainment

Entertainment is a rapidly growing field. And BCI can provide a new pathway to entertainment apart from same things. Games are an effective way to overcome from depression and also for entertainment. According to study, BCI will be next step for major updates in game industries.

Increasing efficiency

I am not gonna writing about, how many percentages we use our brain. But the question is how to increase human brains efficiency. our brain works perfectly when it emits gamma waves. So the concept is simple gamma waves is helpful to increase our brain efficiency.

Mind reading & Machine learning 

The human brain is a private database. Nobody wants to share private thoughts publically. But these techs can help for humanity. The world is getting more virtual in the 21st century.  Computer and brain, they have own methods to transfer information but the common thing between them is they both are based on frequencies. Machine languages are using to study the facial reaction of the human face. An AI machine can understand human philosophy better with machine learning technology.



The human brain is a complex structure like the universe. There are lots of challenges in BCI. Ultimately, I couldn’t deny the fact that the future of brain-computer interface is bright. an idea comes from imagination drop your imagination related to BCI below.

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