Possible Diseases Due To Lack Of Vitamins

Due to lack of nutrition, people have to face many problems. From nutrition, from those substances that are necessary to run various organic functions of our body. Carbohydrate, protein, fat, mineral salts, nucleic acids, and vitamins are various types of nutritious substances.
One of the main reasons for the lack of nutrition is that people are not able to get enough vitamins from food. according to the need of substantial amount of their body. In both cases, more or low nutrition, its side effects show in the body as a disease. In today’s post, we prepared a list of diseases that are due to lack of vitamins.

1. Nyctalopia

Main Reason:  lack of vitamin A 


  • the patient does not see in lack of light


  • The disruption of the Rhodopsin for a longer period of light.
  • Because of the lack of vitamin A
  • cause of less developing cornea cells

What to eat? 

  • Drink tomato and drink daily
  • Prepare a special powder of fermented and Egyptian
  • Destroying night blindness by applying in pure honey eyes
  • Vitamin A is found in these substances – Carrot, radish, cucumber, spinach, fenugreek, papaya, mango, apple, green coriander, and cauliflower.

2. Pernicious anemia

Main Reason: Due to the lack of vitamin B12 

Symptoms and Reason

  • The Large cortical R.B.Cs  presence that does not contain hemoglobin.
  • The intestines do not completely abbreviate the vitamin B12 addresses.

What to eat 

Vitamin B12 is found in fish, meat, poultry, eggs, milk, and milk products.

3. Scurvy

Main Reason:  Vitamin C deficiency disease 


  • Weakening of blood vessels
  • Bone joints


Scurvy is a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency

What to eat 

Eat vitamin C containing fruits and vegetables.  Lemons, oranges, papaya, and strawberries are the fruit sources of vitamin C. in vegetables Brussels cabbage, potatoes, and spinach containing vitamins C. and in the lime of lemon juice high vitamins, C found.


Main Reason: Due to the lack of vitamin D


  • thin bones, Long bone lining
  • Swelling or pain near some joints.
  • It often happens in children
  • Lack of development


  •  Due to the lack of calcium and phosphorus.
  •  Vitamin D deficiency.


  • Experts doctors suggest medicines.
  • It can be cured by diet.
  • Cheese, egg yolks, some dairy products, include vitamins D.

5.  Vitamin K deficiency bleeding

Main Reason: deficiency of Vitamin K 


  • after an injury to any part of the body continuously bleeding for a long time.
  • late Clotting

What to eat

Vitamin K is found in spinach, chicken, turmeric, broccoli.

This all are the major diseases caused by vitamin deficiency. So take care of that there is no shortage of vitamins in your body. If it seems vitamin deficiency in your body. then consult the doctor immediately. drop your suggestions below. and download our app to stay connected.

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