Are You Part Of Human’s Faulty Algorithm

No matter what area of the world do you have some human tendencies are everywhere the same. Every person does such things in his life, which he knows about, that this work is wrong. But despite all of this, we do all such work or create emotions. Although many people have found a way to get rid of these problems, many people are still facing it. In such a way, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that these things are the result of “human’s faulty algorithm”. Let’s see if you are either victim of these faulty algorithms or have got rid of it. 

1. Anger


Harsh or innocent, rich or poor everyone gets annoyed. It is common for humans to be angry at small things. There have been many changes in humans since the last several centuries but there has been no change in the problem of anger. It has emerged as a problem of a human species. Penance, The pronunciation of yoga and mantras is a remedy for anger but it is not useful for everyone. In the list of Human’s Faulty Algorithm in, the anger is kept in 8th place. One reason for being too angry is to show how fast a person loses his patience. Some people are successful in suppressing their anger and some fail. 

But on a serious note, we all have to understand the root cause of anger and to relate to its origins so that, by solving it, the person can climb the new ladder of development. Wrath is the cause of fighting and mutual hatred. The second aspect of anger is a reaction, it is necessary to get rid of the negative reaction. We must control our mindset and avoid things that are likely to lead to anger. Change is the rule of the world. I hope if you become angry too soon, you will also be changed. 

2. Not accept unfavorable conditions easily


If things are not in our favor then it is not easy to accept them. Not everyone but many people will agree to it. Do not believe it until it is better to see the better of others, it is related to it. Not accepting the conditions can affect our happiness and efficiency. There can be two main reasons for not accepting things. the first case, either the result is completely unexpected, its effect is long and it takes the time to emerge from this time. The second case is related to our ego or values.

Some situations arise in which we have more to expect others than others or have to face every little part of the laugh. These two situations are such that human beings do not accept things. It is more than all these things that it is a part of the life cycle. Humans should think more than that, this is not a very serious problem. 

3.  Bad habits


To succeed, good habits are important, and a bad habit is enough to fail. It is true that no one can be an Ideal person. Everyone has some good and bad habits. But all of you might have noticed that it takes a lot of time to get good things in your daily routine. While those bad habits take place in our daily routine and do not leave the chase easily.

It does not happen with only one or two people, but we all have experienced this problem. For example, a person does not take much time to become a smoker, but getting rid of it is a difficult task. Well, due to bad habits, our wrong decisions is to take. It is better to know that before any lifting of a habit, it is necessary to know the difference between right or wrong. Damage to yourself can never be fun, so it is better to stay away from such bad habits. 

4. Mistakes

Mistakes happen to everyone. it can be improved. But is there someone who has not made any mistake till date? The answer to this question is difficult. Mistakes are related in every area, it never leaves us chasing, whether it is related to health, business or college work etc. We have chosen the mistakes in faulty algorithm because it is a phenomenon in the world with everyone. And to this day, the person has not prepared any discovery or formula, so that our capacity can be so that the difference between a wrong or right thing can be accurately predicted. Researchers believe that the main reason for the mistake can be related to the brain. In the past few centuries, we have increased the use of our brain considerably, but in our body, such a capability has not been developed so that we can accurately predict. 

5. One sided love

one side

one of the world’s most painful things. In this situation, our body is battered in two minds. The first feeling is ‘ okay! does not matter’. Secondly, ‘it can not happen, not possible’. I’m not talking about making a successful sidelined lover in this post, but instead of doing the situation of our brain due to this. Some people emerge from this situation and succeed with hard work. And some people fall due to this situation. Anything in excess is not fine. Therefore make some special goals of life. 


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By the way, after watching an inspirational movie and listening to a motivational speech, we all are highly excited for our plans. But after some time we come back to our non-motivated mode. If some people are left, then this problem occurs with everyone. Whatever information we have about any subject, we have only a few percent share or explanation of the address. These are all common problems of faulty algorithm. feel free to write your comments in the comment box below. And for similar posts or science related articles, follow us on Facebook

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