This Hormones Are Known As Plant Growth Regulators

One of the important components of the living things is hormones. We all know hormones are responsible for growth and development. But few hormones are known for their growth regulations feature. In this post, we discuss plant’ s growth regulation hormones.

                    Plants hormones are special chemical structures produce inside the plant naturally. The structures of plants can be classified into many parts. There are many individual researchers are researching on plant hormones.

An example of hormonal structure

Nowadays we can use artificially made synthetic growth hormones for the plant. this synthetic chemical structure work same as the natural hormone. In the field of agriculture, the synthetic growth regulators have fair significance.


This is artificial Chemically produced, synthetic growth hormones.  Morpactins are synthetic non-toxic derivatives of fluorine carboxylic acid. They act for the development of a plant.  Morpactins are absorbed by seeds, roots or leaves and activate Lateral buds to make plant dense. This is a useful hormone for developing a specific type of agriculture ( some foods like orange).

Malic Hydrazine

Maleic hydrazide is a synthetic compound. It has plant growth regulation functions in grass and trees. it prevents potatoes and onions from Germination and increases the usability time.


Ethelene is natural plant growth regulators which control the growth and development of trees. plants or trees contains few group of natural growth controller hormones, this is one of it.


The Cycocel is also known as CCC. Cycocel treated plants are comparatively smaller. The height growth regulations may vary according to cultivar treated. And improve resistant to drought. This synthetic hormone is used to destroy the weed.


This plant growth regulator chemical used in many countries. Ethephon mostly used on wheat, coffee, tobacco, cotton, and rice. This major significance of hormone for fruiting over a period of several weeks initiate reproductive development. the ethaphon emit Ethelene gas and it helpful to convert ripe fruit. 


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Hormones regulate cellular processes which are responsible for essential functions. I Hope this post is helpful for you. If you want to stay connected download our Android app.

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