Have You Heard About Assembly Language | Low Level Language

Machine language is set of instructions or communication method of the computer. It is a low-level programming language. The assembly language is specially designed for each computer architecture. Normally we written programs on high-level language in compilers. With the help of assembler, the assembly languages are converted into machine language. When I first heard about machine language I imagine it like shown in science fiction movies. However, it’s not easy stuff but also not an interplanetary thing. Am I nuts? (forget it)

Application of assembly language

  • if you understand the assembly language it may helpful for defending the attacks.
  • You can write directly core instructions.
  • For designing a new system time effectively.

Human designed computers, now it decreases too much our workload. Intel assembly language cannot be executed on other processors.  The machine language and assembly languages deal with hardware and operating system. the best thing about the human brain is it thinks about alternative choices and after making the decision. Assembly language can help to improve computers better.

The program instructions for any structure write in form of assembly language. The structure formation requires thousands of lines of programs for nature of the computer.

Maths play an important role in implementation. Computer use base 2 and base 16. Assembly language used for the instruction set and architecture of the processor. assembly language code is processed by a program to generate the machine language code. Trying to understanding the code of any program in the machine language is waste of time. Since there is a correspondence between the instructions of the assembler and the machine language.

The internet research gives some important note that discourages peoples to program in assembly language. The code implements in memory effective and time effectively are the reason which encourages. The input and output of the system are directly connected to CPU. The logic circuits help in any processor to addressing capacity of the processor. AND, OR, and NOT are the basic logic circuits used.

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The basic requirement (need to know before programming)

The assembly language is focused for those who are professionals. NASM assembler required for assembly programming experience. The user interaction with any system is divided into levels, software professional interacts with high-level languages. In low-level language, the machine interacts in lower-level task compared to other. For starting the basic requirement are logic gates, binary numbers, and fundamentals of hexadecimal.


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