4 Technique To Make Data Center Green

Electric energy is preliminary and most important need of all type of works inside the data centers. And the price of electric energy increasing so rapidly. Green data centers provide good performance at a minor charge. Because the energy used in green data centers is collected from a renewable source of energy. Although apply of renewable energy source is not an easy and short-term procedure. An average size of the data center can consume electricity equals to a small city. If present trends continue where we adapt Some technology which is the cause of environment problem so results will be harmful.

   In the digital age of communication, user documents, growth records, all important statics of an organization all are saved in data centers. these circle of Information technology is growing rapidly. Because Computing releases a large amount of carbon dioxide gas from servers.  so green data centers are replaceable future of data centers. 4 ways to make data center green


Virtualization allows parting of computer resources into multiple operating systems and increases the utilization of CPU, Memory. Virtualization enables using more than one operating system option and testing untrusted software. The technique of virtualization developed in 60’s. it is helpful for saving money and as a power saving alternatives. Virtualization is many types network, storage, server and etc.A Large amount of power inside the data center are loss by servers even if they are not working. Virtualization can help in data center directly by:


  • Reduce the number of servers by this save money, space, power.
  • Increase the percentage consumption of power by the server.
  • For increasing data center efficiency.
  • Virtualization runs in a virtual environment so it allows control in guest users.
  • Algorithms are placed in migrations engine for reducing cost.


During the period of low data demand servers uses actual load (power). Servers are power consuming and, a responsible unit for data center carbon gas emission. Rooftop garden/trees are could be one of a schematically solution of carbon emission. Data in the data warehouse is organized in a multidimensional model. This multidimensional model helps faster query processing and efficient in data analysis. 4 must architectural conditions for a green data center are:

  • The introduction of an ideal airflow system inside the data center is must.
  • Air control is balanced by internal fans and below the floor so the power input is connected to a green energy source.
  • Proper server inlet and outlet temperature management.
  • Proper design layout for air or water economizer

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3.Solar powered green data centers

Solar energy has the greatest potential of all the sources of renewable energy. The sun gives us more power than we need.  The power we can generate from solar energy is 1 kW/meter square. And energy we receive from the sun comes in the form of light. Hence Solar collector devices are used for collecting solar radiation and transfer energy for the data centers. Initial cost required for establishing solar powered green data centers is high. solar energy a is a time dependent source of energy so it requires energy storage for continuous working.  An optimal designed electric converter device will collect the energy.

Challenges of solar power in green data centers

  • Depends upon climate/cloud.
  • 2-3 acres’ Land area required for producing 1 mv solar energy.
  • An uncertainty of the availability of energy at the constant rate.
  • cannot store in the dilute form of energy.

4.Underwater data center

The idea of an underwater data center is an economical method of using ocean cooling power. Cooling consumes high amount of energy in the data center. Microsoft “Project Natick” is under water data center.  Underwater data, centers are solutions that provide a high response data center. also not require huge area (placed in the ocean). Maintainance cost is low and more environment-friendly. A designed vessel is used to place servers in the ocean.


Computer servers produce a huge amount of heat that can harm the environment. Air condition and other cooling equipment are necessary to maintain the temperature inside the data center. Traffic inside a data center network is measured and categorized according to sequences of packets from a basis to a destination host. going green is a great solution to power saving and the environment. If this article is helpful, share this &  for any question comment below.

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