This Gadgets Are Used To Track Paranormal Activity

Today we are living in modern times. Where the solution of every problem is gadgets and technology. A variety of tools and equipment is commonly used by ghost hunters. Ghost hunters study electromagnetic energy to track paranormal activity if present in any location. There is a lot of controversy regarding the presence of paranormal things, some believe that there is negative energy. And some do not believe it happens. Abnormally present electromagnetic energy can be a cause of any problem. Gadgets help to do some work accurately. Also, they are able to keep the evidence as well. So today we are preparing a list of equipment that the ghost hunters use. 

1. Electromagnet radiation detector

According to EMF meter theories, if there is something, then its energy will definitely be there. If there is a ghost then it will also have an electromagnetic field. If the electromagnetic field can be detected, then it is possible to identify it. Therefore, they can be detected by an electromagnetic radiation detector. A variety of man-made device and electromagnet Amit in nature. So should choose a location before its use where any Raha have no effect electromagnet on. Detecting range of the device Detecting Range: 50Hz ~ is 2000MHz. And reacts at the voltage of 9V at about 0.4s. 

2. Voice Recorder

it is believed that the ghost presence should be tested at the time of night. And in the night time, a person can not exist in every dark place. In such a situation, the voice recorder is put in place for the analysis of any stir or record bust by ghost hunters. Later in the morning, with the help of a software, smallest nuances can be studied. 

3. Thermal Camera


The thermal camera is a great device to detect any kind of paranormal activity. Anything that has the energy of heat goes through it. In this, the thermal image of Ghost can be captured, which is not captured in any normal camera. Ghosts are also formed of energy and cold or heat signature can be detected by this camera.

4. Motion detector

motion sensors are essential for ghost detection. These motion detectors detect any movement and give signals. If the stir increases, the signal color in the device also changes. The burning of the last lite means that the light is in the lowest form and the light is in the lowest position.

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