Why do we forget things | Theories of forgetting

Forgetting is a common occurrence for all of us. It is very common to forget small things such as the key of your car or goggles box. But have you ever wondered why such things happen? How the mind forgets old memories? In today’s post, I will try to find out the reason for this problem and the solutions. we understand the problem in two ways, the first way is to scientific reasons while the other way is non-scientific. However, we do not have any special problems due to forgetting small things. But if it grows with age it can be a serious problem.

Why do we forget things | Theories of forgetting

We asked some of the people around us about forgetting problem. In the case of forgetting small things, most people think – “the problem of forgetting happens with works which we do on our daily routine.” there are many forgetting theories-

1. The theory of interference

The theory of interference is related to human memory. According to this theory, when the new Memento begins encoding, there is a lot of similar mementos present in the form of old memories. However, there is some difference between old and new memento. when the memory interferes and disrupt one another. The memory interference occurs. The theory is known as interference theory. And this may be the reason of your forgetting problem.

2. Lack of Consolidation

This theory states that the information encodes in short term memory to long term memory and it follows a process, this is known as consolidation. But due to interruption the process not complete this theory is known as lack of consolidation.

3. Retrieval failure theory

Retrieval failure theory is the inability to recover information that is stored in memory. This inability may be the causes of forgetting. Our brain identified some unique cues during formation of memory. In case we failed to retrieve, the cues help to redirect information to the brain. The failure to retrieval is also might be the reason of forgetting.

4. decay theory

As time passes the memory of information is strength increase. And every time when we learn something new a memory trace is created. But when time passes the trace gets lighter. Decay theory suggests that When time passes, along with it, the trace slowly gets erased.

5. Alcohol causes forgetting problems

Due to alcohol intake, the problem of forgetting possible. Alcohol acts as a common central nervous system depressant. Neurons are the major contributor for all the brain’s function. The effect of daily alcohol consuming also seen in Neurons.

If we compare between two types of memory, the first long-term memory, and the second short-term memory. Some long-term memory survives till death. Actually, long-term memory follows three steps for forming a memory. Encoding, Storing, and Recycling Are Three Stages of Long-Term Memory Formation. But Short-term memory refers to small amounts of information over short delays. Short-term memory and the neurochemical process can be affected by daily alcohol intake. 

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6. Cause of side effect

The exercise and yoga are quite beneficial for the body. But sometimes hard work or wrong/exercise can cause memory problems. Because of this, exercise should be taught first by the trainer. And practitioner should follow Proper Steps.

7. Incomplete Sleep

Good sleeping health is quite beneficial for the body. This is a way of charging the brain, which is completely refreshing. But due to half sleepy night or not sleeping, there may be a problem of forgetting or other diseases. Concentration and efficiencies may be reduced due to late night sleeping habits.

8. Lack of essential Vitamins

Vitamins and minerals are considered essential nutrients. There may be serious illness due to the lack of vitamins. Therefore, regular check-ups of vitamins are necessary. Lack of vitamins is also the reason behind forgetting the problem.

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How to overcome from general forgetting problem

1. First and foremost, make To Do lists for every day. Write all of your work of daily life on this list, respectively. By Following the list, you can solve the problem of forgetting the small things. Because of pre-scheduling, mind memorized all the work you were done.

2. There are benefits and effects of yoga and exercises. But due to lack of physical practice, overworking and doing wrong poses may lead some side effects. To avoid undesired side effects do well training by experienced guru or yogi.

3. Meditation can also solve this problem. Through meditation, the mind is calm. And stay focused on other things. 



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