Effectiveness By NTU Method | Questions

  • 1. Saturated vapor is condensed to saturated liquid in a condenser. the heat capacity ratio is Cr = Cmin/ Cmax. The effectiveness of the condenser is
  • 2. In a concentric counter flow heat exchanger, water flows through the inner tube at 25 C and leaves at 42 C. the engine oil enters at 100 C and flows in the annular flow passage. the exit temperature of the engine oil are 1.5 kg/s and 1 kg/s, respectively. The specific heat of water and oil are 4178 j/kgK and 2130 J/kg.K respectively. the effectiveness of this heat exchanger is
  • 3. Ina a heat exchanger, it is observed that ΔT1 = ΔT2 , where ΔT1 is the temperature difference between the two single phase fluid streams at one end and ΔT2 is the temperature difference at the other end. The heat exchanger is.
  • 4. An industrial gas (Cp= 1 kj/kgK) enters a parallel flow heat exchanger at 250 C with a flow rate of 2kg/s to heat a water stream. the water stream (Cp= 4kj/kgk) enters the heat exchanger at 50 C with a flow rate of 1kg/s. the heat exchanger has effectiveness of 0.75. the gas stream exit temperature will be
  • 5. In a parallel flow heat exchanger operating under steady state, the heat capacity rates (product of specific heat at constant pressure and mass flow rate) of the hot and cold fluid are equal. the hot fluid, flowing at 1kg/s with Cp=4kj/kgK, enters the heat exchanger at 102 C while the cold fluid has an inlet temperature of 15 C. the overall heat transfer coefficient for the heat exchagner is estimated to be 1 kW/m2k and the corresponding heat transfer surface area is 5m2. Neglect heat transfer between the heat exchanger and the ambient. the heat excahnger is characterized by the following relation: 2 ε = 1 - exp(-2NTU). The exit temperature (in C) for the cold fluid is

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