How To Design A New Product | Steps For Designing To Production

Product designing is a very important task for any manufacturing company. Because the growth rate or success of the company depends on the performance of that products on market.  The market is Fluctuating every day. we do not have control over those things which we do not make. So it is necessary that our product remains (growth rate) in front of all alternative products, for a long time. There are many steps in the design stages for any product design. We have selected some major steps, which is commonly used in designing basics and development stages.

1. The concept

first, select the product for designing (it depends on the company, Many product companies make many products, and single-product companies upgrade the same product). At this stage, a special part of the company (marketing department) doing a survey and analyze what is the demand of the people. The list of the specification is prepared by the necessary feedback from the entire survey and research and development team. For a technical company, the importance of specification, performance and physical look is high.

2.Material Required

Raw material’s quality is very important for machine tools and performance. Product maintenance can increase significantly due to the selection of incorrect raw materials.The correct selection of raw materials provides the perfect standard specification.

3. Sketch

How To Design A New Product | Steps For Designing To Production, designing basics

Sketch This part of desiring execution. The sketch of modeled according to the specs suggested by the Research and Development team and the marketing team. it covers many detailed aspects and a better view of the concept. in this stage, skilled Employees work, and they convert visuals into designs. The skill of employees working in this department is quite good.

4. Rendering And Animation

designing basics
Rendering and Animation

After drawing or sketch is ready, the product is prepared in 3d software. There is a lot of detail available from 3d software. With the help of software, we are overcome by the problems encountered in the model. 3After the work is fully completed, an animated video is also prepared. Through this video, the company shows its idea to market. As well as in the meetings. Customers who view the product animation they are already familiar with the company’s plans. As well it increases the product sale after release.

5. Modeling stage

this is the stage where information available from 3 software is designed in the real-time model using a special type of soil. Due to this step, a basic overview is found to be what kind of final decoding of the product will be. At the same time, it can also be modified if there is any problem.

6. Brand Identity

In today’s time, competition is everywhere and in everything. To avoid competition, you will need to satisfy your customer’s needs. Brand Identity of Company plays an important role in sales. If your made product is of very good in quality, as well as the primary feedback is quite positive, it means the customers are happy with you. Brand Identity is essential to be a big product slewing company. After crossing a limit, people know designed products only by the name of their brand. Therefore, the brand and model of the company, everything used in it, such as colors, logos, and other things should be very good.


When the product is taken from the product concept slowly, many problems are encountered. Identifying and solving this problem is done in testing stage. a specialist marks the difficulties by examining various departments of the product very closely. If there is no problem, the product model is passed. At this stage, the translation stage completely.

8. Pre-Production

It recommends verifying the body parts before production. If the product is made up of many parts, then this stage is assembled all the parts. The normal production method has done by skilled employees. by them, the product is converted into the final design.

9. Feedback and Quality Checkup

Quality checking is the process of ensuring product dimensions are matched with product specification dimension. And other features of the product, not very Quality Control: This Very Important Before Product Goes, Commercial Cells Justified is one of the ways of growing customers and sales. Initially, received a lot of issues in the product. But before it is very necessary to solve whole problems before starting commercial production.

10. Commercial production





so this is the designing basics, for suggestions drop the comment below. download sciencetrap by clicking here.

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