5 Facts About Dark Energy

here are 5 points everyone should know about dark energy

1. Opposite gravity, in Universe, an unknown energy that is responsible for the expansion and acceleration of the Universe is known as Dark Energy. 

2. The black hole is capable of attracting thing from far enough. And the dark energy is responsible for expansion and acceleration. Despite the existence of many black holes, the expansion of the universe is continuing. That is, dark energy dominates black holes. 

3. Anything that has a mass, it also has density. Dark Matar is the most commonly found component in the universe. Approx 70% of the universe is dark energy. The dark energy is one of the most less dense in the known components. 

4. Generally, astronomers say that the expansion of the Universe is happening. For this information, they consider the data obtained from the space telescopes as the basis. Frequency and waves are used to detect the expansion of the universe. Expanding universe this is the evidence of dark energy 

5. Two forms of dark energy are possible, first cosmological constants and second scalar fields. 

  • In 1917, the famous physicist Albert Einstien had added it to general Relativity. Cosmological Constant can be a simple form of dark energy because it is constant with both time and universe. 
  • scalar field: –

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Dark energy and dark matter

  • We do not have much of the view of the universe. The universe is full of complexities, made up of visible parts and visible parts. Mysterious invisible component dark matter and dark energy are more in this universe. The universe has 70% dark energy and about 26 dark matters. 
  • Regardless of the direct observation, the scientists believe that they exist. Dark energy’s evidence is the expansion of the universe. And the dark matter’s evidence gravitational effect which is present in the Galaxy. 
  • Dark energy and dark matter are both different from baryonic matters. And both do not emit light. 
  • Dark Energy and the dark matter is the solution of unresolved gravitational phenomena. 


Source: Wikipedia


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