Most Common Interview Questions

No matter what you are studying, but you need to face job interview during the selection process in any company. and suddenly preparation is hard for freshers. if you are one of the freshers who finding his dream job then you must aware of commonly asked interview questions. normally freshers have less experience about interview questions. we collected most common interview questions asked in freshers interview. Reading quotes, communication skills, movie’s dialogues help to improve dictionary and help to give a better answer.


1. Tell me about yourself?

2. General questions related to your study.

3. General HR questions like, Why did you choose this company? 

4. Some problematic situations were also given to solve at the time of interview.  

5. Why did you not bring the portfolio?  

6. Why do you want to be your post?

7. Give me four reasons as to why you would choose the company you are applying over a startup in this sector?  

8. What was your best experience in college?  

9. Do you have any girlfriend?  

10. Why don’t you have any girlfriend?  

11. why are you looking for a change? 

12. Interesting case – analyze the product and convince to sell.

13. Why should I hire you? 

14. what are your hobbies?

15. which field would you like to work in?

16. What is your city’s population?  

17. How can you as a ……….. Engineer be helpful for our company.

18. What are some of your weaknesses?  

19. Question about the project work while you are an engineer. 


if you heard known questions the confidence level automatically increase, that’s the common phenomenon. in next post, we discuss how answer impactfully.  feel free to write your interview experience and other common questions in the comment section below. And for similar posts follow us on Facebook

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