How To Check Your Automobile’s performance

The performance of an automobile depends upon various components. Manufacturer design engine and vehicle components to reduce cost. sometimes reducing cost affect the performance of automobiles. Normally we calculate our vehicles output with average speed on per liter. But for achieving increase output it’s necessary to check all important measurements and test. Here are some methods to test vehicles performance.

1.Morse test

Morse test for IC engine is designed to used friction power test in multi-cylinder. The test consists relation between the indicative power of engine and brake power. It is considered that pumping and friction losses are same in the operation conditions of the cylinder during firing. The test of the engine first required to calculate mechanical efficiency. at a limited time period, the throttle speed and power developed by the individual cylinder is determined experimentally. After this one cylinder is cut out by disconnecting the circuit. The test is performed one by one in all cylinders. The relation indicated power is equal to the sum of forced power and brake power.   

2.Motoring test

Motoring test is performed to test friction power. In this method, a swinging field electric dynamometer is used. The mechanism of automobiles designed to gain power from ignition in combustion cylinder. In this method, the ignition inside the cylinder is disconnected by electric components. The dynamometer run at same speed at the which before operating in the ignition. The power load given to the dynamometer is measured for proper speed. The test gives the result of friction power at particular speed. This test is done quickly.

3.Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption test is used to determine fuel economy in terms of a mile or km/liter. fuel is stored in the fuel tank and connected to an engine. In operating condition, the number of kilometer/ per liter is observed with the help of an instrument. This test is an effective method to check vehicle’s performance on the basis of fuel consumption. Basically, fuel consumption per liter is the major point the rider or driver think before buying a vehicle. However, the fuel consumption varies with a situation like traffic and driver’s habit.

4.Viscous flow air meter

Air consumption matters for air-fuel mixture in any IC engine. Engine consist rich air-fuel mixture or lean air-fuel mixture. The performance of engine also matters on air consumption.The viscous flow air meter is used to measure air flow. The inlet air flow passes through the air filter and moves to a viscous testing component. This viscous testing component is complex structure and allows air passage to move inside in it. The test gives a result of pressure and air flow.

5.Speed test

Speed requirement varies with driver or riders. Speed is overall performance of the engine, power control, design, and fuel mixture. For measuring the correct speed of any automobiles many instruments are useful. This device calculates the revolution of the crank shaft and gives speed calculation according to that.Devices used for speed test

  • Magnet pick up
  • Electric Tachometer

6.Emission test

Emission in an excess amount of polluted particle leads problems. Hence government planned necessary pollution check-up. This pollution particle is categorized in visible and non-visible forms. Here is list of devices which are used for pollution check-up-

  • A Non-dispersive infrared analyzer device is used for carbon dioxide value analyzing.
  • Chemiluminescence method is used for determining oxides in nitrogen.
  • Flame ionization detector device is used for hydrocarbons.
  • And various types of smoke meter are used for visible particles.


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