Boost Your fuel with Liquid Alternative Fuels

Liquid alternative fuels are preferred over gaseous fuel for an engine, reason is simple liquid fuel are easy to store and supply. Also, liquid fuel has high calorific value compare to others fuels. Petroleum fuels are imported in large scale from specific countries. Where large crude oil available hence the cost of fuel depends upon the international market. Most of the internal combustion engines are designed for liquid fuel injection, therefore we are suggesting liquid alternative fuels.


Calorific value:                        30000 KJ/kg

Density:                                    0.7893 g/cm3

Octane rating:                         over 100

Emission:                                less than petroleum

Latent heat vaporization:      high
In this century it’s believed that we should start using alternative to reduce environment pollution. Day to day researcher and individual developer are trying to make fuel more economical and also improving chemical properties of liquid fuel by adding some effective mixtures. The aim is focused on reducing emission of carbon quantity. Manufacturing of alcohol liquid fuel is easy to process either it can be produced by the natural process or by commercial methods. Mostly two types of alcohol fuel are used methanol & ethanol. Blended ethanol and methanol can be used to burnt with petrol in engines. The most important things about alcohol are they increase the volumetric efficiency of engines. That is the main reason behind the mixture of alcohol with fuel is used.


Methanol is a clean fuel. this fuel is considered in great liquid alternative fuels. Researchers are interested in mixing nature of methanol fuel. This fuel used as both a complete alternative fuel or with mixing with conventional fuels. Source of methanol is also renewable and non-renewable. The mixture of petroleum and methanol mixture reduce CO and HC emission into the atmosphere.

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Previously vehicles operated by ethanol fuels. The mixture of ethanol and petroleum fuel is used for an economical purpose. This would be reduced fuel requirement and increase the life cycle of the engine. The challenging factor about ethanol fuel is – “currently we can only use a proper mixture of ethanol and petroleum fuel, but engineers trying to use any amount of ratio of ethanol petroleum used as a fuel in an IC engine. 


  • A large amount of fuel required compare to petrol and diesel fuel.
  • Need to improve ignition property of the alcohol fuels.
  • This alcohol fuel is high reactive, hence need to add mixture to skip reaction with storage tanks.
  • It emits some harmful gas during ignition.


The word biodiesel refers to organic matter produced by plants oil or animal fat. Biodiesel is used in diesel engines. Biodiesel fuel can be used alone and also as a mixture with gasoline. The mixture of biodiesel & petroleum can have used in diesel engines without any modification kits. If a pure biodiesel fuel is used in any automobiles that it requires a modification kit. The biodiesel fuels are manufactured from an organic solid form and convert into the liquid state. Hydrocarbon plants are the main natural source of biodiesel fuels.

Vegetable oil

The natural source of fuel production is vegetable oils. Sunflowers and soya oil used as liquid alternative fuels. Those countries where the production of these plant is more these is suitable for those countries. The viscosity of diesel and vegetable oil is different, therefore sometimes that’s lead improper combustion. The viscosity of vegetable oil reduce some engine properties. In all these years we all hear the development of liquid alternative fuels for reducing pollution. But actually, the liquid alternative fuels are more complex without modifying engines. It has been estimated if we use 2 % of vehicles with alternative fuels so we can notice a reduce carbon environment impact. 


The above argument is fully applicable but we suggested liquid fuels for adding as a mixture is also  a good idea. Comment your suggestions about this topic.

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