Facts About Kepler 452b

Kepler 452b is known as earth’s cousin. Actually, Kepler 452b is an exoplanet that orbits in other solar systems. Scientists have been discovered the number of exoplanets but Kepler 452b is special. Kepler 452b is more than 1400 light-years away from our planet. presently we are not able to travel exoplanets. On 2015 NASA confirmed exoplanet Kepler 452b is bigger than earth. After discovering a thousand numbers of exoplanets astronomers found Kepler 452b orbit is nearly equaled to earth orbit. However, there are many unanswered questions about this planet. But due to its orbit in the habitable zone and smaller size (compare to other exoplanets)  astronomers are interested in it. 
1. The surface gravity of this Kepler 452b is two-time stronger than earth surface gravity. and also the temperature conditions similar to earth on Kepler 452b surface. because the orbit of the planet there is possibilities of the habitable zone.
2. This is an exoplanet means a planet of other solar systems which orbits different stars. since last 10-13 years, spacecraft and telescopes discover many exoplanets. the discovery of Kepler 452b is announced in July 2015. scientists are interested in extraterrestrial life, and variations present in exoplanets.
3. Many Planets in the universe, are the rocky planet, like Earth. But this is not the key factor for life. Kepler 452b and Earth’s conditions are quite similar. Kepler 452b has situated at sufficient distance from its star, and receive sufficient amount of energy, like the Earth. Due to some similarity, and approx similarities in one year’s days, it is called Earth 2.0. However, there are many unanswered questions about this planet.
4. Kepler 452 is present in the Cygnus constellation. Kepler 452b revolves around Star Kepler 452. It’s a G-type main-sequence star. It is 20 times shinier than our sun.
5. Centaurus constellation is present near the Earth. Kepler 452b   is present in Cygnus Constellation. And the distance between Earth’s and Kepler is 452b is 1,400 light years away.
6. NASA’s spacecraft telescope for Earth’s planetary planets, Kepler space telescope searched this planet. On 23 July 2015, NASA announces its discovery.
7. The size of  Kepler 452b is about 1.5 times larger than Earth. Because of its large size, its gravity is 2 times more effective than Earth’s gravity.
8. Kepler 452b is 6 billion years old. While Earth is 4.543 billion years old. 
9.  Kepler 452b is bigger in size. it receives 10% more energy than earth.
10. It is one of the smallest exoplanet yet discovered that orbits in the habitable zone. One year in Kepler 452b is equal to 385 days.

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