Worried about carbon emission, here are low emission gaseous fuels.

Cost saving, environment-friendly is the need of 21st century. Present days automobiles using mainly liquid form of fuels for combustion. However, some gaseous alternative fuels are available for a better result.

                                     Although it’s not that the alternative fuels are easily available. We have established large-scale stations for our liquid petroleum type of fuels. So the replacement of liquid fuel to any alternative fuel source require easily public distribution. before petroleum-based fuel, the coal is the one of fuel used for engines.  But the using coal as a fuel is never becoming a common use for fuel.

                                                               On the combustion of petroleum fractions, the effectiveness of our environment is continuously decreasing. Proper combustion and an electrical way is a great start for improvement in the primary air. Our earlier concept of burning oil in the chamber is not eco-friendly. It has become more economical to run on alternative fuels. Some natural gas can be more profitable. 


If we calculate the carbon emission from petroleum fuels, so results are not eco-favour. Many foundations are working for making earth safer place and recover from climate change. Hydrogen is an important fuel for interplanetary travels. But we can also use hydrogen (gaseous form) for combustion in our automobiles engines. Researcher says modified engines could be used for operating gaseous fuel. If we use hydrogen as an alternative energy the emissions of poisonous exhaust CO, HC is directly eliminating.  Hydrogen fuels do not use carbon in fuel hence no chances of CO emission.

                                                                                                                          Main challenges to implementing gaseous fuel to available publically (liquid fuel available in gasoline store). Commercially the making of hydrogen is not a hard work. water can be used as a raw material and we can use electrical methods for producing hydrogen.

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CO emission :    0.05 g/km

HC emission :    0.24g/km

Petroleum material is mixed at specific temp and pressure for making a high combustion liquid. And this liquid is known as the natural type of gasoline. When this gasoline is compressed it called compressed natural gas.Either CNG vehicles use a different type of engine module for combustion. Or a special mechanism used to convert petrol engine to convert into CNG vehicles.


Compression ratio: 10:1

cost save:                  50% less than petrol

octane rating:           110 

life:                             increases 50% life of the engine

LPG or liquid petroleum gas are used in form of propane and butane in automobiles. The natural source of these gasses is below the earth surface. Longer life of LPG engines always attracts the for public transport vehicles, the future of LPG vehicles is bright. heavy vehicles (truck, passenger vehicle, bus) use LPG engines for traveling.Compressed form of LPG used for automobiles, and it kept in storage tanks. The working procedure of LPG engines is like CNG engines. The main benefits with LPG engines are it emits very low amount of nitrogen pollutant at atmosphere. Many types of engines problems like knocking and others are directly eliminated by LPG fuels.The ignition temperature of LPG engine is higher than petrol hence more cooling required for LPG engines.

                                                                                                               Some engine is designed to run in dual fuel operation. That can be run either on petrol or LPG. This enables the convenience for user during the operation.High octane number produce less emission of CO, HC and NO. propane is stored as a liquid in pressurizing cylinder and delivered with proper fuel feeding system. Nowadays LPG conversions kits are available for converting cars into LPG cars. LPG propane fuel delivered in vaporized form to the carburetor and carburetor supplies mixture to the engine.


In this post, we only focused on gaseous alternatives of fuel our next post is about liquid alternative fuel. if you have any question feel free to comment below.

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