9 facts about diamond planet

The composition of different elements present in any planet is responsible for its weight. Planets with loads of heavier load than Earth are called Super Earth. 55 Cancri e is also known as Super Earth.
Today, these techniques provide key quantitative analysis to help identify the surface of a planet. The importance of carbon in any planet is related to the weather and, minerals. carbon importance is related to life on our earth. 55 Cancri e is known as Diamond Planet-

some interesting things related to it-

1. Approximately 41 light years away, 5 planets orbiting the star 55 Cancri a. One of which is 55 Cancri.

2. The mass of 55 cancri e is 8.63 times the mass of the Earth. And its radius is twice the radius of the Earth.

3. Normally, the construction of diamond in the earth is below the ground due to high temperature and high pressure. Due to being close to the star, 55 cancri e has the power of heat and pressure. This planet has more carbon or it is carbon rich planet.

4. At present, many exoplanets have been discovered. In the most discovery of the exoplanets, the measurement by the Doppler shift is used. Doppler spectroscopy is also known as Radial Velocity. In this technique, the spectrum that comes from the Sun is measured. 55 Cancri e has also been discovered from Doppler shift method.

5.  eighth planet of our solar system is the Neptune. It is situated in a long distance from the Sun. The Neptune’s size is bigger than the earth. Diamond Planet’s mass is compared to Neptune.

6. A super Earth is called the one whose mass is more than Earth. and substantially below the masses of the solar giants, Uranus and Neptune. 55 Cancri e is also a super Earth.The temperature of 8.55 C is much higher. Its temperature is approximately 1,100 ° C at night and the temperature of the day is 2,400 ° C.

7. The temperature of Cancri e is much higher. Its temperature is approximately 1,100 ° C at night and the temperature of the day is 2,400 ° C.

8. 55 Cancri e discovered on 30 August 2004.In

9. In the beginning, the scientists believed that this planet takes 2.8 days, orbit the star. But according to the result of the recalculation, it only takes 18 hours to complete an orbit.


Source: Wikipedia


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