8 Considerations Before Selecting A Location For Wind Power Plant

The location selection is an important strategic level decision-making process for a power plant. the selection of a location is a key decision for wind power plant. the motion of air arises from pressure difference. Previously the windmills were used for grain and lift water for drainage. But now the main focus of attention lies with their use to producing electricity. Wind energy increases with height. Wind energy is one of greatest natural energy resources which can be used in both day and night. The conversion of kinetic energy into electric is not a simplified model. Hence the conversion machines should be situated where the winds are strong and persistent.

the selection of a location is a key decision for wind power plant. sciencetrap,

Average wind speed

Minimum speed:       3-6m/s

Device used:              anemometer

High-speed wind is the fundamental requirement for any type of wind power plant. the velocity of wind is depending upon pressure gradient. A device anemometer is used to inspect the wind speed at the particular place. The data given by anemometer is normally based on measurements from a 10-meter height. The survey team generally sees that historical database of wind velocity. For an average size, wind power plant team analyze average annual wind speed. Contour maps and potential of the site is also on the list of major requirements of the survey team.

Output power

Average annual output requirement: 5-8 GWh (from an average size turbine, at average wind speed)

The purpose of the output power analysis is to find the best location one that will result in the biggest output. The output of wind energy is depending on turbine size(capacity) and wind speed. There are many methods used for determining the output, but many difficulties in measurements in site. Because of inertia of rotors, temperature differences, accuracy and support towers are few factors that cause output varies every year.

Altitude of Location

The power output of power plant depends upon attitude and air density. The rotors of wind turbines are designed aerodynamically. hence this requires proper height. Blades can rotate 15 revolutions per minute if the if wind condition in situated location is average. A number of criteria required to estimate the height and location. The values of wind energy are found poor in the plain area. and best sites is considered sea costs (continue wind velocity at low height). Although mountains are also a good choice for wind power system it increases the small amount of cost.    Wind power generation is significantly increasing in the world. wind turbine design requires air flow is perpendicular to the rotor. if the wind power plant is situated in the place where the velocity of wind is not horizontal its effect the power output. 

Structure and Availability of wind

It is desirable to have 12-18km/hr average wind speed. The V-t curve method is used for analyzing the availability of air. This method helpful to determine cut speed, reliability and output. If the V-t curve is going zero means no power production. And the flat line of the V-t curve shows the smooth flow of wind is a desirable case for any site.( this is an ideal condition) but the wind speed and direction changes rapidly.

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Transport system and nearness of city

It is essential for the wind power plant to get a road or railway structure for heavy machinery. Blades and other apparatus will have to be moved in any chosen site. So the transport structure ensures timely supply of apparatus. The transport facility is a prerequisite for any location of wind power plant. generally, engineer’s choice of transport method will depend upon relative cost, convenience, and suitability. After fulfilling the transport criteria, the nearness of users from generated electric power also one of the criteria for plant location.

Environmental Impact

The utilization of wind energy is also a part of solar radiation. The bare rock surfaces of the earth do not distract the air flow. The ecology effect in wind power plant compare to relative energy is minor. Wind power plant is not installed in a small area; they cover a large area. With almost no water and sunlight requirement its produce electricity.

Natural stability

A natural disaster has negative effects on electricity production. These factors are the foundation of any wind power plant. ground surface should be stable and free from disasters such as soil erosion, earthquakes, and sinkholes. The physical effects of natural disasters are clear and they affect total power production. So it’s better to be placed in write location.


Availability of community facilities also considered while selecting a location. For long term power development availability of social infrastructure near the selected site is must. And also land cost compare to other selected site should be favorable.   


The horizontal air flow is always a considered an important factor for a wind turbine. However, dusty air particles affect wind turbines and also an adverse effect on machine apparatus. Comment your thoughts below, and stay with us.


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