10 Yoga And Their Benefits | For Youth

21 June celebrated as International Day of Yoga. The idea of an International Day of Yoga was first proposed by the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi during his speech at the UNGA, on 27 September 2014.

Yoga is related to the physical and mental health of the body. For perfect health yoga is important. Many people’s provide yoga training. many researchers prove yoga is beneficial for many diseases. The young generation is facing some health-related problems. It can be recovered by yoga.  

Warning: there are benefits and side effects of yoga poses. Due to lack of physical practice, overworking and doing wrong poses may lead some side effects. To avoid undesired side effects do proper training by experienced guru or yogi (yoga trainer).  

1.breath control

anulom vilom, pranayam, breath control

Another name:     Pranayama

Suggested for:     Overcoming Laziness


  1. Breath control expands the autonomic functions.
  2. Practicing breath control every day can contribute in stable mind, strong will-power and sound judgment.
  3. Increased absorption of Oxygen by the body.
  4. By breath control, we can control our laziness related problems.
  5. Improvement on body Blood Circulation.
  6. Enhanced oxygen causes breathing rate reduce.

2. Sun Salutation

Another name:              Surya Namaskar

Suggested for:               Overcoming Laziness


  1. helps to lose weights
  2. reduce sugar levels
  3. helps to glowing skin.
  4. strengthen muscles and joints of the body.
  5. It is a sequence of 12 yoga posture hence physical benefits.
  6. Helps to proper circulation of blood in body parts.
  7. Also, beneficial for mental problems and produce good thought, positive thoughts.

3.Cobra pose

Cobra Pose yoga
Cobra Pose

Another name: Bhujangasana

Suggested for: back problems


  1. increases flexibility
  2. helpful for the lower back problems
  3. help to stress release
  4. Helps to ease signs of asthma
  5. Make spine stronger and more flexible.
  6. Also good for kidney.

4.Tree pose

Tree pose yoga
Tree pose

Another name: Vrikshasana

Suggested for:   self-confidence and knees problems  


  1. Shapes self-confidence
  2. Helps to expand balance and stability in the legs
  3. Tree pose is good for knees
  4. It stretches the entire body
  5. Enhance the flexibility of muscles of the body part.
  6. Helps to concentrate.

5.Child pose

Child Pose

Another name: Balasana 

Suggested for:   stress and anxiety problems


  1. helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
  2. Provide relax for the back body parts.
  3. Calms down the mind
  4. Helps to stretch the ankles, hips & thighs.
  5. Recommended who are facing dizziness or fatigue.

6.Dancer pose

Dancer pose yoga
Dancer pose

Another name: Natarajasana

Suggested for: 


  1. Improved body posture.
  2. Body balance is increased.
  3. Help to lose weights.
  4. Makes the spine supple
  5. This asana helps you to remove stress.


Meditation yoga

Suggested for:  improve concentration


  1. Improved concentration and Stress Management
  2. Directly improve the diet.
  3. Easily understand emotions and feel happier.
  4. Increase the body’s workability.
  5. Helps to good sleep.
  6. Increase immunity and strong.

8.Bound Angle

Bound Angle, Baddha Koṇāsana, yoga
Bound Angle

Another name:    Baddha Koṇāsana

Suggested for:      for body stretch


  1. Helps to the lower back and relieves sciatica.
  2. improves flexibility and full body stretch
  3. Opens pelvic region
  4. Beneficial for the lumbar region


Another name: Sarvangasana

Suggested for:  heart-related problems


  1. It stretches the body and nervous system and increases flexibility of your spinal cord
  2. Beneficial for asthma
  3. Good for headache remove
  4. Solve heart-related problems
  5. You can recover from daily laziness problem.



Suggested for:  overcome from addiction



            Normally It is best to practice yoga in the morning. The ultimate goal of Yoga is liberation. the suggestions are based on benefits, hope this post is helpful for you.    

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