10 Terms You Should Know About Automobiles | part-1

Automobiles the most important thing in our daily life. We all use the basic terms used in the automation system. but sometimes we not recognize the basic terms. That’s why sciencetrap is listing today 20 terms related to automobiles. Most of the name are is familiar for you, but in short description, we try to put main function and proper introduction. In this post, you are reading the first ten terms.    

1.IC engine: The internal combustion engine is a type of engine in which the fuel is mixed with other media like air and burned in the combustion chamber. In the internal combustion engine high-temperature and high-pressure gases produced by combustion which provides power to some module of the engine.

2.SI engine: The spark ignition engine is a type of internal combustion engine. Spark ignition requires spark plug for the ignition of the low compression ratio of fuel. The maximum efficiency of this type of engine is comparatively low. This engine works on Otto cycle.

3.CI engine: The compression ignition engine is the second type of internal combustion engine. Combustion engine requires high compression ratio consequently self-ignition takes place in high temperature. The engine works on Diesel Cycle. The efficiency of this type of engine is high.

4.CC/ cubic capacity: Engine pistons move Top dead center to bottom dead center, this is known as swept volume. The single movement of the piston from top dead center to bottom dead center is referred as the cubic centimeter.

5.Ground clearance: the space between the lowest part of a vehicle’s frame and the ground is known as the ground clearance of the vehicle. The ground clearance is somehow relating to the vehicle’s center of mass. Increasing the center of mass decrease the handling characteristics of the vehicle. Some automobiles have a lower ground clearance that improves the center of gravity of vehicle (this also improve car handling).

6.SUV: the word SUV stands for Sports Utility vehicle. This vehicle is small size trucks which are used as family vehicles. The name of SUV is not used everywhere they are popular by the brand name to describe the vehicle like “Jeep”. Mainly the Sport utility vehicles are mid-size passenger’s vehicle.  SUVs are popular in the United States and India that encourage automakers to improve the design.

7.MUV: These are larger vehicles which can tackle a wide range of applications. They typically allow easy conversion between multiple combinations of passenger and luggage capacity. The main purpose of the vehicle is to work more effectively and carry more load compare to general vehicles.

8.Fuel Injector: the injector of fuel maintains injection amount of fuel in each cycle. The fuel injector pump can control the timing of injections. the high temperature of the air at the end of the stroke is sufficient to ignite the fuel. The main function of the fuel pump is to atomize the fuel in very fine particles and correct quality of fuel to be injected as per the load of the engine and increases the automation speed.

9.Auto transmission (auto gear): auto transmission means the automatic shifting the gear ratios when the automobiles move. Hydraulic automation is used by most of the heavy vehicles. The automatic transmission help drivers to less concentrate on shifting arrangement. In comparison between manual and auto transmission, the fuel efficiency is affected.

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10.Cam: the camshaft is used to operate valves in IC engine. the valves control the flow of the air & fuel mixture intake and exhaust gases, they opened and closed at the predetermined time during the stroke of the piston. The importance of crankshaft for rotation.


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