10 Guidelines For Technical Startup

A developer’s mind contains a blueprint of his idea. All big companies are primarily just an idea. They shaped by their strategies into world’s great companies. Many people have some technical idea either a new device idea or improvement version of the design. If you are interested in a startup in near future then you can check out these 10 guidelines in the early stage of the company. we are listing these 10 ideas to keep in mind about production.

1.Select a product

Select a right product for production. After selecting product start manufacture in bulk to uniformity in the product. Example: if you are the maker of a new device, and after launching you got a positive reaction from the market. After some time, you should start manufacturing in bulk with limited calculations of the product.

2.Select a design

Design of a Camera
Design of a Camera

The design is the operation where you implement your concept. The design of the product is according to customers and market demand. Primary make a detailed description of a primary prototype. Value analysis and value engineering methods can be used to avoid the undesirable cost. Good acceptance in the market increases your overall income. And income is one of those thing startups lots of care about. The creation of the product of new or different designs offers new customers and additional benefits.


The products are manufactured in limited quantity and good reasonable price in first time. After understanding the constant and predictable demand of the product in the market the target production started. investment in own risk” the one line reality of new startups. And production is the step where most of the money invested by the risk taker. Firstly, select a right production process.


Make your Market Strategies
Make your Market Strategies

After a successful local startup. Who doesn’t want to expand the company scale? And expanding requires properly planned marketing to interested customers. If the product is new to market than first time a market survey is to carry out to estimation. We are categorized the marketing plan in 3 basic type-

  • Online: the best way to promote anything is an online platform. The advertisement is only for those who are interested in products.
  • The universal platforms like Television, radio.
  • Offline: the offline advertisement you can relate to newspapers, posters in public places and mouth publicity.

5.Clear your primary focus

you need to show your primary focus in company’s slogan. However, the primary focus depends upon entrepreneur. you need to show your primary focus in company’s slogan. However, the primary focus depends upon entrepreneur. But we think these three are primary focus of every company-

  • The brand name is must for survival in competition and it could be possible by good products, design aspects, and appreciation by customers.
  • The quality of the product based on customers feedback. Good vendor and company relation is the consequent result of good quality.
  • Market Value of company also should be the main focus of company since early stage.

6. Forecast


forecast means the estimation of the sales in future, by using the past data. After a critical point the company revenue is increasing and after this, the estimation of future demand is though work for creators. For ensuring the optimum utilizations of everyone’s capacity sales forecasting is useful. This sales forecasting helps to manage, the goal of sales, future development and much more benefits of sales forecasting.

7. Purchasing

the raw material required to transform into a final product requires goods and services. The services of buying products are important for every creating company. To produce right material, buy raw material from trusted source. However, there are various market strategies and different types of purchasing you can use. election of companies is an important procedure for any medium and small size company.


Proper guidelines for every employee, managers and the whole department can improve company rank globally.

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9.Listing the competitors

Make a list of Competitors
Make a list of Competitors

I do not think that you need to explain about competitors. Make a list of competitors and what they are doing, and strategies of them. You need to develop more efficient strategies better than them for better performance on market aspects.The fact is competitors is important to work more efficiently and opportunity for customers to get a good product overall.

10.Follow universal rules

follow the rules
follow the rules

we should learn from big companies and the rules and formula derived by our seniors in this field. Like in situation of economic crisis and other situation such as natural disasters this rule help for the company to avoid risk. Let’s take an example of JIT system. the word JIT stand for just in time. JIT is cost efficient production method for any profitable organization or company. It enables the right quantity at the right time with using minimum services.


The primary goal of the post is the very basic introduction to Startup guideline those who are interested in startup and not with a big team. I hope this post will help you to plan in the proper way. “Best of luck”

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